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Halloween Treasure Hunt

Are you looking for something fun to do inside with your little ones this Halloween? I've got an entertaining Halloween treasure hunt that is great for children who have started reading. Full of treats, no tricks!

Something that became apparent during lockdown and home schooling was my sons complete disregard for reading. He has never been into reading sadly, so finding ways to get him to read willingly has always been my mission.

Thankfully since he returned to school his desire to read seems to have improved but I'm still always looking for ways to add some reading fun at home. During the first round of home schooling I came up with a fun Paw Patrol Treasure Hunt because that is what he was really into. He absolutely loved it and it was such a joy to see him reading each of the clues. 

This year as the lead up to Halloween is during half term, I wanted to include some fun activities while the big two children are off. Not one to miss some additional learning opportunities I thought it would be fun to create some reading with a Halloween Treasure Hunt.

Thankfully Halloween provides a wealth of rhyming opportunities so I was able to come up with a treasure hunt quite easily. Once typed up I printed it out, I used orange paper to print to make it look more festive. I then cut out each clue and then hid them around the house. The last clue needs to be hidden in a pumpkin, thankfully we had carved these out the day before.


My older two really enjoyed this activity. I asked my 9 year old to let her younger brother do most of the reading which she obliged with. The last clue allows for a treat. This is completely up to you what you choose. I chose some Halloween chocolate eyeballs. 

If you would like to complete my Halloween treasure hunt then you can download it for free here.

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