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Fun Halloween Food Art

Fun Halloween ideas to create for your children without giving you the fear!

Halloween is fast approaching so if you're looking for some fun ways to incorporate a little spooky fun into meal times then I've got some great ideas for you to try out. I've always advocated that creating fun food shouldn't be stressful or time consuming, you don't need to be Picasso to create fun and engaging food for children.  A few simple tools are all you need to make food art easier. 

Cookie cutters are another easy way to create food fun. Use Halloween cookie cutters to create fun sandwiches, pancakes or anything that works! You can find some Halloween cookie cutters here. I also use alphabet cookie cutters to spell out boo and eek. You can find larger uppercase ones here and smaller sized lower case ones here

Another easy addition is to add eyes! I use a variety of edible eyes and plastic eyes. You can add eyes to almost anything to make them festive. Edible eyes can take many forms, some of our favorites include blueberries, olives, raisins and My Cake Decor eyes. You can find some plastic bento eye picks here.

Fun Halloween Food Art Ideas

Satsuma Pumpkin

Undoubtedly the easiest Halloween food art is a satsuma pumpkin! Simply peel and then top with some fruit or veg for a stump.

Halloween Breakfast Platter

Why not create breakfast fun by serving up a spooktacular sharing platter. A few cookie cutters and eyes are all you need to make this fun Halloween breakfast. Banana ghosts are one of my favourites and is easily achieved by simply cutting a banana in half lengthways and then cutting small triangles into the bottom. Finish your banana ghost with your choice of eyes and mouth. You can find some circular platters in bigger supermarkets or by clicking here.

Frankenstein Toast

This was really easy to make and you can use toast, pancakes or crepes as your base as long as it's cut into a rectangle. To find out how to make your own Frankenstein food art here.

Mummy Pizza Quesadilla

We love quesadillas and this mummy version only takes a couple of extra minutes to prepare. Add your toppings to a tortilla then simply place. Heat on a dry pan and then top with some sliced black olives. 

One Eyed Monster Smoothie Bowl

This was so simple to make it took only 5 minutes. Simply mash half a banana, half an avocado, 2 tbsp of natural yogurt and a splash of milk. Simply blend all the ingredients together then place in a bowl. Top with a slice of banana with a blueberry. Make a mouth from a strawberry. You can also use some banana triangles as fangs if you wish.

Ghost Biscuits

These biscuits were so easy to make and the perfect addition for a Halloween party or for a spooky treat. The biscuits are only 3 ingredients and a great activity to do with children. 
You can find out the full details here.

Oreo Spiders

A really quick way to create some 8 legged fun is to simply add some eyes and legs to Oreo's. I used My Cake Decor Eyes and some chocolate Matchmakers. I cut the Matchmakers into equal pieces and then simply placed them in the Oreo filling. I found the best way to do this was to take one side of the Oreo off, place the legs on and then return the missing Oreo side.

Yogurt Ghost

Yogurt ghosts are really effective and super quick to create.  Add some white yogurt of your choice to a bowl or section then simply add some raisins for eyes and a mouth, alternatively you could use chocolate chips or blueberries. 

Olive Spider Eggs

Placing an olive spider onto a hard boiled egg definitely adds the fear factor to your boiled eggs! Simply slice a black olive in half and cut each side into 8 pieces for legs. Then using another halved olive for the body, simply assemble onto the hard boiled egg.

Halloween Pumpkin Cheese & Tomato Bites

Simply by using a pumpkin cookie cutter you can turn these cheese and tomato bites into some easy Halloween food art. You can find the recipe here.

Here are lots of small ways you can incorporate some fun Halloween food ideas:
Draw some ghost eyes and a mouth onto some cheese strings
Banana ghosts with raisins or blueberries
Philadelphia cheese ghost toast with blueberries
Use an edible pen to draw eyes onto white marshmallows to make ghosts
Add some chocolate eyeballs normally available in Halloween sections of supermarkets
Use green pasta or pesto pasta
Shop bought Halloween crisps/snacks

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