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Halloween Sensory Tuff Spot Tray

This Halloween sensory box is a fun and easy activity to set up for toddlers, preschoolers and older children. Using a tuff spot tray and things you already have for a spooky sensory bin.

If you've followed me for a while then you will know my absolute love of using rice as a base for a sensory box. It is really easy to dye rice, I simply added some food gel to the rice and gave it a really good mix. I then allowed it to dry on a baking tray overnight so it was ready to us the next day. 

The thing I love about sensory boxes is that they are completely adaptable. If you don't want to use rice you could perhaps use dry lentils, dried chickpeas, dried beans or porridge oats.

Equally versatile is what you include in your Halloween sensory box. Anything that is relevant to the theme can be included as long as they are age appropriate for your child. 

Inside the box I included:

Dyed orange rice
A scoop from a pumpkin carving set
Wooden Lanka Kade figures

On the tuff spot tray I included:

Pumpkin bucket 

I set this activity up on a tuff spot tray as I find that they are excellent for containing mess. Rice tuff spot trays are always a huge hit with my children. Just by simply scooping, pouring and using tweezers while playing children are developing their fine motor skills and their hand-eye coordination. Towards the end of the activity my four year old added a crisp tub to aid her pouring and scooping which prolonged the activity for her. 

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