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Kids Autumn Conker Art

This is a fun and quick set up that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Create lots of fun patterns using autumn colours and conkers.

Autumn has started to make a gradual appearance, it has been very subtle so far as we have had one of the warmest Septembers on record. On our daily walks we have been looking out for signs of autumn, picking up lots of conkers, yellow leaves, acorns and pine cones. 

On our walk we pass a lovely horse chestnut tree which we have spent loads of time collecting conkers. With our ever growing collection of conkers I have been looking into ways to use them up.

One of the easiest and least messiest ways to have some conker fun is to use them as marbles for painting.  I seen this brilliant idea from The Imagination Tree.

To make your own conker art you simply need a box or old washing up basin, conkers, paper and some paint. For some gorgeous autumnal colours I used brown, red and orange. 

Simply place a piece of paper into the box or bowl and then dip some conkers in paint and place on the paper. Then start moving or shaking the box or bowl as vigorously as you like. 

This is great fun and results vary depending on how strenuously you shake the box and how much paint you used. We started this sat down at the table but that was too restrictive for vigorous shaking so we then moved it onto the floor.

My son is not massively keen on getting too messy so he didn't like dipping the conkers in paint but he loved shaking the bowl after I placed the conkers in. 

Perfect autumn craft that is quick to set up and to clean up. Now we have some beautiful conker art to then create a new activity with!

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