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The Lunch Punch Review

It's no secret that I like making food fun. I especially like using cookie cutters to help create fun food extra quick. Cookie cutters are great if you don't feel able to create something free hand. I was thrilled when Eatwell UK asked me to review The Lunch Punch. 

If you have not heard about The Lunch Punch they are sandwich cutters designed to create fun designs maximising most of the sandwich minimising waste. 

They come in 5 different designs with 4 punches in each design. There is the a very girly sand wishes pack that contains a fairy, a heart, a frog and flowers. There is a critter set which contains an elephant, butterfly, a dog and a whale. There is a sweet treat set which can create ice creams, a cupcake and a birthday cake. There is a vrrrm set containing a car, train, truck and plane. Finally there is a match and munch set which contains 4 different jigsaw puzzles which is the set we are testing out. 

The Lunch Punch is thicker than a traditional cookie cutter so it allows for the easy cutting of a sandwich. It's made of food certified plastic, contains no nasty chemicals and is dishwasher safe. 

It's really easy to use and works great on sandwiches, eggy bread and toast. When using it in a lunch box with small compartments it really maximises the amount of sandwich you use ensuring you don't waste a lot. 

The Lunch Punch definitely adds more fun to lunch boxes and I can't wait to try out the other designs. You can buy them from EatWell UK by clicking here.

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