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Pouring Station

Clinging onto the last rays of summer with this easy fun outdoor activity. Oliver absolutely loves water play and would happily play with a tap all day long! Instead of racking up a massive water bill we love setting up this fun and easy activity.

To make it cost effective just find things from around your home. We used some plastic jugs, an empty plastic bottle, an iron water beaker, some measuring cups, drinking cups and a funnel. I set this up on our outdoor water table but you can easily set this up on a table, box or even just on the ground. 

To add an extra learning element I added a few drops of different coloured food dye to different items. 

We did this on a warm day so a change of clothes were needed but you don't have to stop simply because Autumn is approaching. Invest in some decent waterproofs and wellies for the cooler months. 

If you are brave enough you can even set this up indoors. Just make sure you have plenty of towels on hand!! 

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