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Rocket Food Art

My son started nursery today! He absolutely loved it! While he was away I found myself at a loose end, I'm not used to having child free time. So with my free time I decided to make him a rocket snack plate for when he got back. He is obsessed with space and rockets so I thought this would be a perfect post nursery snack. 

To make you will need:
Mango (optional)

To make the rocket all you need to do is to cut a rectangle and three triangles from some pancakes. Spread some jam on the three triangles and assemble them alongside the rectangle. Place two or three blueberries on the rectangle for windows. For the flames cut a piece of cantaloupe and then cut some triangles. I used a star cookie cutter for the mango stars but these are optional as are the zoom letters.

Some alternatives include using toast or bread instead of pancakes and using halved strawberries or some cheese instead of cantaloupe.

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