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Fun Rocket Food Art For Kids

Do you have a little one who loves space? Then why not try out some of these fun rocket food art creations. Food art doesn't have to be complicated, honestly, if I can do it so can you! All of these creations are really easy to recreate and the only thing that you might find helpful is a star cookie cutter. 

Sandwich Rocket Food Art

To make you will need:
Sandwich of your choice
Red pepper

Start by cutting the sandwich into a rocket shape, a rectangle at the bottom then cutting diagonally in but making sure the diagonal cuts do not touch, you want to leave a small straight bit. Then use some cucumber for the side bits. Thinly slice some pepper to use as the flames. Cut a grape in half and then add it to the top of the rocket for the tip. Finally top with some blueberries. I then added some cheese stars for effect.

Alternatively, you could use some leftover sandwich for the side bits, a sliced strawberry for the tip and some tomato penne pasta for the flames. 

Pancake Rocket Food Art 

To make you will need:
Mango (optional)

To make the rocket all you need to do is to cut a rectangle and three triangles from some pancakes. Spread some jam on the three triangles and assemble them alongside the rectangle. Place two or three blueberries on the rectangle for windows. For the flames cut a piece of cantaloupe and then cut some triangles. I used a star cookie cutter for the mango stars but these are optional as are the zoom letters.

Alternatively you can use a knife to cut your pancake into shape. I used two pieces of clementine on each side. I then thinly sliced some strawberries and cut into v shapes to use as flames. I used my go to of blueberries as windows and a grape cut in half as the tip. 

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