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Under The Sea Food Art

Oliver absolutely loves water play and is really interested in sea creatures so I thought I would try and incorporate this into a fruity snack. 

This was actually quite easy to make and the only tools I needed to use were a star cookie cutter and a knife. 

The starfish is made from a slice of watermelon and the star cookie cutter. 

The turtle is made from a slice of kiwi fruit  and halved grapes. 

The jellyfish is made from a nectarine. Simply cut on one side before the stone for the top then using the other side cut slices for the tentacles. 

The fish is made from a tangerine. The fins are simply segments cut in half. 

For the eyes and mouths I used finely cut raisins which was probably the hardest part. 

Oliver absolutely loved this! Was thoroughly worth taking the extra time to do this. 


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