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Conker Slide Painting

Conker slide painting is a great alternative way to play with conkers simply by using a slide, some paper and paint.

We were fortunate to have some glorious weather over the weekend. I like to tell myself I’m an all weather Mum but that’s just not true - give me dry and sunny over wet and cold any day! When the weather is nice I’m one of those mums who rushes her children outside just in case it’s the last time we see the sun for weeks, maybe it’s just a British thing as our weather is so temperamental! 

So as it was nice we had a lovely trip to Clumber Park collecting autumn leaves and the rest of the time in the garden. One of my kids favourite summer activities was to roll objects down the slide in paint. So as we have like a ton of conkers it was the perfect opportunity to recreate the summer fun but with an autumnal twist. This activity is so easy to set up, it will take you less than 5 minutes. 

All you need is 

A slide 
A large roll of paper
Brown tape 
Paint, we used autumnal colours 

Simply cut paper to fit your slide and stick down at the top with some brown tape. Add squirts of paint near the top of the slide then simply roll your conkers down!

Once we were finished we even gave our conkers a wash so we can use them for something else which was also a fun activity. 

So while this was a great outside activity it could easily be brought inside by placing a box or container at the bottom of the slide to contain the mess. 

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