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Conker Marble Run

One of our favourite things to do in autumn is to go conker picking. With an abundance of horse chestnut trees in our village we always end up with a massive haul. I’m always trying to find new ways to use them. My children have always been huge fans of marble runs so I thought I would make a homemade autumn conker run.

Every time I get an idea in my head it normally ends up being really elaborate and I need to go out and buy lots of things to complete it or it takes hours to make. So this time I knew that I wanted to make this without spending any money or for it to take a long time.

I knew that I wanted to use toilet roll and kitchen roll holders for the run and the rate that we go through them I knew collecting them wouldn’t be a problem. I found an old piece of card to stick everything onto and hey presto that was all the things I needed.

I coloured in the word autumn as a learning extra for my 3 year old but you don’t need to do this. I then just stuck the cardboard rolls onto the card by double siding some brown tape. Once all the rolls were in place I then just glued on some leaves as a learning extra but again this is optional. Then it was ready to go.

This went down really well with my 3 year old. He loved having races to see which conker would come out first.

If you don’t want to create something permanent then you can easily set this up in under 5 minutes. I just stuck the cardboard rolls to our patio window and it was ready to go without any mess or fuss.

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