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Christmas Book Advent

My children were never really interested in books when they were toddlers. I don't really know why, we always had books around and I made time to read to them but they just weren't interested. It's only when they each turned three that they started to show an interest in reading. When my big girl started school last year her interest in reading has rocketed. She thoroughly enjoys reading and it's something that she excels at. I think her love of reading has rubbed off on her little brother. He now wants to read his own books and join in with hers. 

As they are both into reading this is the best time to introduce a book advent. If you have never heard of a book advent it is simply an alternative way to countdown to Christmas, although we will still be doing chocolate calendars too! Simply wrap twenty four books ensuring you number them and then enjoy a different story each night until Christmas. For me, Christmas is all about the build up and my hope is that this is just another element to help create that excitement and anticipation. 

The books that I chose are a mixture of new, existing, borrowed and second hand books. You can obviously choose which books you want to include. I decided to do a mix of Christmas and winter themed books. Luckily we have quite a few winter themed books in our possession so I didn't need to acquire too many more books. To keep the costs down I only bought a few brand new books and the rest I managed to source secondhand either through charity shops or facebook selling pages. I even included a library book. 

Once you have your books in place it's simply time to wrap them. I decided to just to use some brown paper as I had some already and I quite like the simplicity of it. I then cut out numbers from some red wrapping paper to stick onto each book. You could also use gift tags or even paint or draw the numbers on. 

And that's it! I've found an old Christmas box to keep them in but you don't even need that. I can't wait to see how they react to this and hopefully it will add to the excitement of the build up. 

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