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Fun Christmas Food Art

So if you follow my Instagram page you'll know that I'm quite partial to a bit of food art. I love incorporating food art into my children's meals as not only does it make meal times fun but it's also a fantastic learning opportunity. 

Before I had children I never considered myself to be a creative person at all but I slowly started finding myself being more creative with food so if I can do it, so can you! Food art doesn't have to be over complicated, an extra 5 minutes is all you need to transform a meal or a cookie cutter! Cookie cutters are definitely the way to go as they can instantly make food more fun with one simple swoop! 

Kiwi Christmas Tree

I've made a kiwi Christmas tree a few years in a row now as it is really easy to make and requires nothing other than a knife. Simply cut a kiwi into circles and trim off the skin, I used two kiwis. Arrange the kiwis into a tree shape, one at the top, two underneath then three at the bottom. Then place more kiwis on top to cover the gaps. I then used blueberries and raspberries as decorations. For the tree base I just used a piece of kiwi skin. For the star I did use a cookie cutter as I do have A LOT of them but you could use a knife. You could use a piece of banana, mango, yellow pepper or melon.

Alternatively you could use green grapes instead of kiwi to create your fruit tree.

Cookie Cutter Rudolph 

If you have children then there is a high chance that you will have a gingerbread man cookie cutter. It turns out that an upside down gingerbread man cookie cutter makes a fantastic reindeer! Simply cutout toast or a pancake with the gingerbread man cookie cutter then turn it upside down. Decorate simply with a raspberry nose and raisin eyes or for a slightly more decorated Rudolph cover in peanut butter and top the antlers with chia seeds.

Quesadilla Christmas Tree

Create your favourite quesadilla combination and cut it into triangles, each triangle slightly smaller in size. Place on top of each other to create a tree then add some decorations. I added blueberries, chopped cherry tomatoes and some star cucumbers. Top with a yellow pepper star.

Fruity Candy Cane

Another super easy snack idea that only requires a knife, strawberries and a banana. Simply cut the banana and strawberries into circles then arrange into a candy cane. You might need to cut some pieces slightly wider at one point to make the curve easier to come together.

Pancake Santa

This might look complicated but its really not. Simply chop up some banana and strawberries and place around the edge of a pancake. Add either blueberries or raisins for eyes and something red for a nose, either a small piece of strawberry, raspberry or a pomegranate seed works well.

Non Cookie Cutter Rudolph

To make this little guy all you need is two pancakes, blueberries or raisins for eyes and a raspberry nose. Using a knife cut out some antlers then place above the other pancake then simply add the blueberry/raisin eyes and one raspberry nose.

Frosty The Sandwich Snowman

So not technically Christmassey but if you are lucky to have a white Christmas that may well involve building a snowman. This little guy is so easy to do. Simply cut two circles of white bread then add your chosen filling. Cut a long thin rectangle and a thicker rectangle from a piece of cucumber to make a hat. Add rolled up raisins for eyes and the mouth. Cut a triangle out of a piece of cheese or cantaloupe for the nose. I then added a blueberry scarf but this could also be done using a piece of cucumber or pepper.

Avocado Christmas Tree

To make this fun Christmas tree all you need is a tortilla wrap cut into triangles. Spread on some mashed avocado to each triangle. Add some decorations, I added some sweetcorn and chopped pepper. I then added a cheese star for the top and some raisins for the stump. 

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