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Bottle Top Christmas Tree Craft

Are you one of those people who see a great idea online, screenshot or save it then do nothing about it. Yes, oh good, just like me then! My phone is full of screenshots of things that I want to try.  A lot of the time I screenshot something but it means that I need to go out and buy bits to complete it so I ultimately don't ever get round to doing it but I seen a great idea to decorate milk lids to make a Christmas tree.

I collected the milk lids over a few weeks and raided the craft drawer for the decorations. You can make your tree as big or small as you like or depending on how many lids you have. I laid the lids out on the table in the shape of a tree alongside some bits to use for decorations. My daughter then glued on the decorations where she wanted. Once she had finished decorating we let it dry and then after I cut a green triangle out of some paper and stuck the lids on to it.

This is such a good quick activity that didn't require a lot of set up. Anything that doesn't make to much mess, is low cost but fun is always a winner! 

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