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Healthier Treat Alternatives

Who has over indulged over Christmas? We have certainly enjoyed extra sweet treats but enough is enough and it's time to get back to a normal eating routine. Treats can be part of a healthy diet especially when you choose to make your own and have control of the ingredients. I have rounded up some of the best healthier treats for you, all with five or less ingredients. 

Banana and Strawberry Flapjack  (All About Kids)

A healthy four ingredient recipe that is perfect for snack time or even lunch boxes.

Blueberry Breakfast Balls  (Healthy Little Foodies)

A beautifully colored breakfast ball that can be ready in five minutes!

Superhero Banana Bites (Tiny Tummy Tales)

The ultimate easy makeover for the humble banana.

Apricot Weetbix Slice  (My Kids Lick The Bowl)

No bake and only three ingredients, ready in under ten minutes.

Raspberry Cashew Oaty Bites  (Sneaky Veg)

A no bake healthy treat containing no refined sugar, perfect afternoon snack straight from the fridge.

Banana Oat Thumbprint Cookies (All About Kids)

Disclosure time, these actually have 6 ingredients but I hope you let me off. These are one of our favourite treats especially with homemade raspberry chia jam. 

Chocolate Chia Cookies  (My Fussy Eater)

Cookies that contain chocolate and only three other ingredients, yes please!

Peanut Butter Stuffed Dates  (Healthy Little Foodies)

The ultimate easy treat with only two ingredients and a few extras for toppings.

Wholemeal Blueberry Scrolls  (My Kids Lick The Bowl)

Four ingredients and half an hour is all it takes to make these delicious healthy snacks.

Crumbly Fruity Flapjack  (All About Kids)

Crumbly oaty flapjack with a beautiful fruity flavour, one of our favourites.

No Bake Fruity Cookie Bite  (Yummy Toddler Food)

If you make your own granola, save some for this great recipe and you have a healthy snack in ten minutes.

Orange Sweet Potato Oaty Cookies (Sneaky Veg)

Cookies that include veggies and only four ingredients, mum win!

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  1. Thanks so much lovely for including my recipes in this post - will be sharing today x