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Tum Tum Tots Review

I am passionate about creating fun food for my children and anything that makes this easier is a bonus. I have recently been gifted some fun kids tableware items from Tum Tum Tots. We have been trying out the Stay Put Dippy Face Plate, the Lunch Bugs Snackpots and the Ladybird Lunchbag.

The Stay Put Dippy Face Plate is a fun kids plate in the shape of bear. It is the perfect size for young children as it's not too big and over whelming. I especially like how the ears are cut out so are perfect for dipping foods. The plate comes with a special non slip suction base to keep your plate firmly on the table or highchair. The plate is dishwasher safe and is free from BPA and phthalates. 

The thing I like most about this plate is that you can easily present food in a fun and engaging manner. You can keep it as simple or elaborate as you like. I created a really easy teddy bear snack by adding food to the existing features. This was perfect for a quick and easy healthy fun snack. I also created this fun rocket for my son which he absolutely loved. It was slightly more time consuming but equally worth the extra effort.

The Lunch Bugs Snackpots are four separate containers in four different sizes that fit together in the biggest pot. Each pot has a really cute and fun design on the lid. As with the Dippy Face Plate the snackpots are also dishwasher safe containing no BPA or phthalates. You can even pop the snackpots in the microwave as long as the lids are off or rested to allow ventilation. These snackpots are great for pack lunches, you can surprisingly fit a lot in them.

I prepped a pack lunch using the snackpots the night before by keeping them in the fridge and each pot was still fresh the next morning. The pots are easy for little hands to open them independently. The pots also fit perfectly in Ladybird Lunchbag which is surprisingly big, you can easily fit all four snackpots and a drinks bottle in it.

To find out more about Tum Tum Tots and to shop their products please visit www.tumtumtots.com

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