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Fun Food Cat

I've always advocated that making food fun for children doesn't need to be over complicated. Sometimes though, producing fun food has its obstacles whether that be self confidence, lack of time or lack of items needed.

I want to show you that food art can be quickly and effectively produced even if you don't feel like you have the skills, time or tools to do it.

I am going to regularly bring you a new food art creation for you to do at home. First up is a cat.

To make a cat all you need is:               
A piece of toast
Peanut butter
2 blueberries
A banana
An apple

These items are all adaptable too. For example you could use a pancake instead of toast, some chocolate spread instead of peanut butter, raisins for eyes, strawberries for cheeks and some cheese for the ears or whatever you have in the cupboard, its all about making it work with what you already have.

So to make your cat start off by spreading peanut butter on the toast then cutting all the crusts off. Don't throw the crusts away as we will use them for the whiskers. Using a knife make triangles at the top for ears. Add the two blueberries for eyes. Cut a small piece from the side of the apple then cut out three small triangles, one for the nose and two for the ears. Then chop two pieces of banana for the cheeks. Then finally, using the crusts cut them into six equal pieces and place on top of the banana.

A quick, healthy, fun snack made in under five minutes. Will you be giving it a go? Let me see your creations using the hashtag #allaboutkidsfoodart

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