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Conker Scoop and Pour

We love autumn and we love playing with conkers. There are just so many ways to incorporate them into play. Previously we've done conker art, autumn sensory bottles and conker slide painting.

One of our favourite all time activities is pouring and scooping water so I thought why not pour and scoop conkers. After seeing inspiration online from play hooray and becky's treasure basket I set up our own tuff spot tray. This activity is aimed at older toddlers, if trying with younger children be careful about them putting conkers in their mouths.

To set this up I simply placed a tub of conkers on a tuff spot tray and then filled with some kitchen roll holders. I then just grabbed bits from around the kitchen for her to scoop and pour the conkers into.

You really don't need anything fancy to set this up. I used some cups, empty food tub and some scoops. Check your recycling bin as I'm sure you will have something you can use. I did include some Learning Reasources tongs as they are a great addition for working on fine motor skills. 

She absolutely loved this, it nearly kept her busy for an hour which is almost unheard of for toddlers! She used lots of the different items to scoop and pour. She was mainly happy transferring them from one tun to another. We also took the opportunity to count conkers into tubs which was a great added learning bonus.

Using the tuff spot tray ensured that it kept most of the conkers on the tray so it was easy enough for her to scoop and pick up. It also made for an easy tidy up. 

This was such a great activity with minimal set up/clear up and with the added bonus of lots of learning through play, we will definitely be doing this one again. 

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