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Conker Play Ideas

I absolutely love this time of year and picking conkers is one of our favourite things to do. If like us and you find yourselves with a ton of conkers but don't know what to do with them then I can help you. I've got lots of different ideas for you to try out for different ages.

Autumn Sensory Box

This one is great for toddlers who are starting to learn about autumn. Go on an autumn trail and then pop the things that you find in the box for your little ones to explore. Find the link here.

Conker Art

This is one of our favourite ways to play with conkers. All you need is a tub, some paint and of course some conkers. In theory this shouldn't be too messy but with toddlers you just never know. Find the link here.

Conker Sight Word Match

I first set this activity up for my son who was learning his sight words but it can be easily adapted to any other learning such as numbers or letters. Find the link here.

Conker Slide Painting

If your little ones don't like getting their hands messy then trying a conker paint slide might be just the thing. A slide, paper, paint and conkers are all you need. Find the link here.

Autumn Sensory Bottles

Conkers are great for sensory play but they are the unfortunately not ideal for babies but that doesn't mean that babies can't get involved with Autumn. Creating sensory bottles are a great and safe way to help your baby explore autumn. Find the link here.

Conker Marble Run

Creating a conker marble run might sound elaborate but it's not really. All you need is some kitchen roll holders or toilet roll holders. Set it up on a door or a patio door. Find the link here.

Conker Scoop and Pour

My toddler loves scooping and pouring water so I thought I would try it with conkers, it was a huge success. Grab a tub or a box and fill it with conkers and then grab different objects from around the house to use as scoops. Find the link here.

Conker Count to Ten

This is a really simple but effective way to engage toddlers with learning to count to ten. I added some wooden numbers and Numicon but if you don'tt have these you can write the numbers and perhaps use Duplo or Megablocks. Find out more here.

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