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Autumn Sensory Box

I love Autumn and all it's gorgeous colours and treasures so I thought it would be good to put together an Autumn sensory box. This was a hit for both my one year old and three year old but for different reasons. Oliver loved searching for conkers and Jessica loved flinging the leaves up and letting them fall.

Firstly we went on a Autumn trail at our local park to find things for our box. Jessica loved looking for colourful leaves, pine cones, watching the leaves fall and being caught in a shower of fall leaves during one windy gust. Oliver was more interested in picking up stones!

Once home we inspected our loot then placed it in a box. I set it out for Oliver on his own.  The box included a variety of different leaves in all different colours, conkers and pinecones. He went straight for the conkers. He lifted them up and transported them to his own little pile. Once that was completed he moved them all again to a different pile.

I put them back in the box hiding under the leaves but he showed no interest in the leaves and just searched for the conkers. He was fascinated with them and this kept him busy for a good 15 minutes. I had to call time on the conkers when he started throwing them. I was a little wary of the conkers as thought he would want to put them in his mouth but he didn't do it once. If you are unsure don't include them.

I then tried again with both Jessica and Oliver (minus the conkers) to see if Oliver's interest was enhanced watching his big sister. He enjoyed watching her fling the leaves up and seeing them fall but other than that he didn't really want to explore them.

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