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Halloween Painting Fun

Are you looking for some quick set up Halloween painting activities? I've got 6 easy ideas to keep your toddler and preschoolers busy on the run up to Halloween.

Halloween is fast approaching so I've got some super easy but fun Halloween painting activities to keep you and your little ones busy. When it comes to activities my advice is to always keep it simple. You don't want to spend an age setting up elaborate activities for your child to spend less than five minutes on it. 

When it comes to painting with small children it's always worth being prepared for the clean up. Make sure you and your child are wearing old clothes because they will get paint on you and themselves, always! Grab an old towel ready for when your child has had enough and having a packet of baby wipes nearby is always a good idea. 

All you will need for these activities is some paint, paper, paint brushes, toilet roll holders, some fruit or vegetables and some little people's hands and feet, simply and quick to set up. 

Footprint Ghosts

Simply paint some feet with some white paint onto black paper. Add some black paint for eyes and a mouth. You could always stick some goggly eyes on instead.

Handprint Spiders

Using black paint simply paint palms and fingers avoiding thumbs and stick onto white paper one hand at a time overlapping each palm. Add some white paint with black dots for eyes or again use sticky googly eyes.

Apple Pumpkins

Cut an apple in half and then carve your jack o lantern shapes into the apple. Using orange paint simply paint your apple then stamp onto some paper.

Carrot Ghosts

We used carrots but lots of other vegetables would work for this including sweet potatoes or cucumbers. Simply cut your chosen vegetable in half, cover in white paint then stamp onto black paper. We added some black paint eyes and mouths to complete.

Handprint Frankenstein

Paint palms green then paint fingers black, avoiding thumbs and stick onto paper keeping fingers together. Add some eyes a nose and mouth. We then used black fingertips for the bolts.

Spider Toilet Roll Stamping

Using toilet roll holders, create a spider stamp with black paint on white paint. Once dry add some googly eyes. Full details here.

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