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Yogurt Painting

I've been wanting to introduce Oliver to the world of painting for a while but wanted to make sure it was edible paint. I've seen many ways to do homemade painting and instantly thought he would love yogurt painting.

I wanted entirely natural colourings so chose to colour the yogurt with raspberries, mango, spinach, blueberries and carrots. I simply blended yogurt into each flavouring and popped it into a silicone muffin tray. 

I thought it would be safest to try it in the bath, limit possible carpet stains and make cleaning up easy. I put the muffin tray on the bath mat with some paint brushes then stripped Oliver down to his nappy and let painting commence! 

He put his fingers in the raspberry and looked at it then became quite engrossed in the spinach. He mostly liked rubbing it in between his fingers. He then moved into the paint brushes but was more interested in posting them in the bath handle. This kept him occupied for a good 15 minutes. I tried to engage him with actually painting and also to rediscover the muffin tray but he wasn't interested. Once he started to stand up I called it a day as the bath was really slippy. 

I showered him and the bath down. After drying him I wiped the bath with some cleaner. It was the spinach that proved most pesky in the clean up but no colour left a stain. 

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