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Halloween Spider Sensory Box

This Halloween sensory box is a great fine motor activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Help develop their hand strength with this fun play activity.

When it comes to setting up a themed activity for your child then sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. I'm all about quick and minimal set ups. So you know I love a rice tray and this spider sensory box is one of the quickest set ups. I've used dyed rice as a sensory base on many occasions but by simply using some uncooked long grain rice this makes for a speedy set up. 

Halloween Spider Sensory Box

To set up simply place some uncooked long grain rice into a box or tub. When setting up a rice activity I set up on a tuff spot tray because it's great for capturing rice spillages and containing the mess. I then added some plastic spiders into the box and added some tweezers and a bowl so my four year old could pick them out. 

By using the tweezers my four year old went straight into picking out the spiders and placing them into the bowl. Once she found all the spiders she then started again. This activity is perfect for developing fine motor skills. 

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