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Halloween Spaghetti Fun

Halloween is a great time of year to be creative with food and activities, I love it!   You might have tried some of my Halloween painting ideas already. There are so many ways to get creative without it being time consuming because lets face it who has the time to spend painstakingly setting up an activity for your child to ignore it.

So normally Halloween falls around half term so I have 3 children to keep entertained during the day instead of only one. I do struggle to find activities that they can all do purely because of the age difference, 7, 4 and 13 months old. So finding an appropriate activity that they can all get involved in is challenging!

Introducing Halloween spaghetti fun! This was able to entertain them all for a good 20 minutes! That's basically like a mini holiday during half term for a mum of 3. They all liked different things so it worked well for each age. My eldest loved diving right in and feeling the spaghetti, transferring it and generally getting messy. My son doesn't really like getting messy so he was happy to pick up the spiders with tongs and tweezers. The youngest was just happy to explore with her hands, feet and mouth!

So there is no way to get around the fact that this was messy! If you are going to do this activity with young children you may find that it's a straight in the bath afterwords type of activity just to prewarn you! 

To make your own Halloween Spaghetti Fun all you need is some spaghetti, food colouring of your choice and a box/container to place it into. Of course you can use any type of pasta, it doesn't have to be spaghetti but we find spaghetti the most fun to explore with for sensory play. You can also dye your spaghetti naturally if you like, you could use green pesto, red pesto or blended black olives. 

So I used one packet of value spaghetti and I cooked it until the spaghetti was al dente. I drained all the water and allowed it to cool for about 5 minutes. I then separated the spaghetti into three bowls. I then added the food colouring and stirred until it was all absorbed by the spaghetti. Obviously the more colour that you use the more vibrant the colour but just bear in mind that the more colour you use the more likely it will be to stain. Once all the spaghetti was coloured I laid it out on a tray and left it to dry for around half an hour. 

I then transferred it to a box and placed it on our tuff spot tray on top of our mess mat. Tuff spot trays are great for containing mess and they are also a great way for children to start understanding about boundaries. I also added some spiders, bowls, a colander, our learning resources handy tools and some tongs. This activity is completely open ended though so just customise with what you already have in the house and have fun!

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