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Eco Cloud Dining Set and Eco Dippy Face Plate

We love Tum Tum and their products, we previously reviewed their snack boxes and dippy plate and they have become some of our favourite products. So when we were asked to review their new Eco Cloud Dining Set and new Eco Dippy Face Baby Plate we jumped at the chance.

The new Eco Cloud Dining Set is a beautiful set that includes a cloud plate, sun bowl and raindrop cup. It comes in two different colours blue/green or pink/orange. It's made from biodegradable bamboo which is a very renewable source and a great alternative to plastic. It's very sturdy and is dishwasher safe although you can't put it in the microwave. The cloud plate has a divided section which is especially useful for containing liquid items such as yogurt. The sides of the cloud plate and bowl are steeper than normal to help aid little people with scooping.

The Eco Cloud Dining Set is aimed at children over 12 months who are starting to be more independent eaters. The design of the plate allows you to be as creative with food presentation as you like and the movable components allow you to have fun creating your own weather inspired meals. The raindrop cup handle is the perfect size for toddlers to grasp making it the ideal first non sippy cup. The Eco Cloud Dining Set has already won gold in the Junior Design Awards for the Best Eco Children's Tableware Design category. 

So you might have read my previous Tum Tum review on the Dippy Face Plate and are wondering what the difference is, well let me tell you. So while the design of the product is the same adorable bear the plate is now also made from biodegradable bamboo fibre and the suction base at the bottom of the plate is now even more powerful.

The Eco Dippy Face Baby Plate is perfect for weaning babies and toddler self feeding with its fun design and double suction base that ensures the plate stays on the table and not on the floor! As your child grows the suction base can be removed. The Eco Dippy Face Baby Plate is also dishwasher safe but can not be microwaved. I love how this plate can be easily customised to make a fun meal. Simply by making a face out of food you instantly have a fun meal. What type of face would you make?

These eco friendly products by Tum Tum are beautiful, long lasting, hard wearing, fun and most importantly they are kind to our planet. The Eco Cloud Dining Set and the Eco Dippy Face Plate are 100% bio degradable so when you are finished with the product, simply bury it in some earth where it will decompose naturally. To purchase the Eco Dippy Face Plate please click here. 

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