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Halloween Spell Activity

Create a fun Halloween spell activity for your little one with a cauldron and have fun creating your own spells.

Halloween is next week and we are well and truly into Halloween activities. Instagram is awash with lots of Halloween inspiration and I'm absolutely loving it. My four year old is asking for Halloween activities constantly so thankfully I've been inspired by many fabulous play accounts.

You all know that I love my tuff spot tray, it's used nearly on a daily basis. I always find that it is a great base especially if you are doing any sort of messy play activity. 

After reading Meg & Mog numerous times it inspired me to create a spell activity for my four year old. For this activity you can use whatever you have around the house.

I used:

Plastic spiders
Pasta shapes
Plastic eyeballs
Orange dyed rice
Chia seeds
Pom poms
String cut into small pieces

I got the Halloween pasta shapes from Lidl, it was only £1 for a 500g bag. I placed the items in some old children's bowls and cups on the tuff spot tray. I added a plastic cauldron, a spoon, some tweezers and a pair of Learning Resources grabber

My four year old immediately started pouring the items into the cauldron. Once she had the items in the cauldron she used the wooden spoon to mix. This is a great fine motor activity for younger children. 

I purposefully used dry items for this activity so that we could reuse them. If you wanted to add a liquid then some water dyed with food colouring would make a great addition to this activity as long as you were happy to sacrifice some of your items. 

In hindsight when using chia seeds in this activity it is almost impossible to separate these without spending many hours so these are now mixed with the rice! 

This activity kept her busy for a while. Once she made a spell, we would empty it out and start again. I created a spell and asked her to put the correct items in, 1 eyeball, 2 spiders, 3 conkers. This was not only great for her concentration but also for some unexpected maths opportunities. 

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