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Conker Counting To Ten With Numicon

This tuff spot tray activity combines Autumn and maths using Numicon and conkers to provide a fun learning activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

Numicon is a fantastic resource and is great for supporting early maths development. It is a widely used resource in primary schools. Numicon is such a versatile resource and it can be used in a variety of different ways. Using it alongside seasonal themes is a great way to incorporate additional learning and it also brings another dimension to activities. 

Now that we are well into Autumn and have an abundance of conkers, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to use them in a Numicon counting activity. 

I set this activity up on a tuff spot tray but you can easily set it up on the floor or a table. I added our 1-10 Numicon box alongside some wooden numbers to the tuff spot tray in ascending order with a bowl of conkers. 

My three year old then proceeded to place the matching amount of conkers onto the Numicon. We counted each conker as she placed them on. Do not worry if your child does not know all their numbers, the repetition in this activity is a great starting point. 

You could also add a pair of tweezers or a scoop to aid fine motor skill development but the pinching and grasping of the conkers will still be working those little hands. This activity also adds an element of problem solving. We soon discovered that due to the different shapes and sizes of the conkers that some didn't fit so we had to find smaller ones which was a great way to incorporate more language into the activity.

Conkers are a choking hazard, please do not leave your child unsupervised with them.

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