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Kids Alphabet Hunt Activity

This alphabet hunt is a fun and easy letter recognition activity to help young children learn the alphabet in a non pressured environment. 

Activities involving rice feature heavily on my blog. It captures my children's attention like no other resource. For toddlers it's a fantastic activity for scooping and pouring which helps develop fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. I am also a huge fan of using rice as a themed play resource. In the past I've used it to create a Christmas sensory box, Easter sensory box and a Valentines sensory box.

For this activity I used coloured rice, this isn't essential but it makes the activity more enticing for little ones. To dye rice I use the recipe from Happy Hooligans and a batch lasts for absolutely ages. You can find more information on my Rainbow Rice post.

When it comes to a rice activity I always use a tuff spot tray as it's great for containing any spillages. I simply filled a plastic container with some rainbow rice and then using our wooden alphabet puzzle I then hid the letters in the rice. I also added our Learning Resources scoops and tweezers to add some fine motor development. 

Using the scoops and tweezers my little one then picked the letters out of the rice. When she pulled a letter out I asked her what letter it was and then I made sure to tell her what sound it is. This is a great learning through play activity perfect for children who are just starting out on the alphabet or phonics.

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