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Easter Sensory Rice Box

If there is one guaranteed activity that goes down well with my children then it has to be a rice sensory box. The appeal of pouring and scooping is still going strong with my 5 year old, even my 8 year old likes to get involved. Toddlers love this activity and it is a great fine motor skill. It helps children coordinate their hand movements and is also a great sensory experience. My 5 year old has poor hand strength so these activities are great for working little hands and strengthening muscles.

We have done a lot of themed rice boxes over the years including a Valentines and Christmas one but I've never done an Easter one before, until now.

So I just grabbed our rainbow rice and my Easter box and very quickly set up this Easter rice sensory box. Dying rice is fairly easy and once youve done it, it will last for ages. I follow Happy Hooligans instructions on how to dye rice. If you don't have any rice then you could use oats, couscous or lentils.

I included some plastic eggs, a cardboard egg box, some spoons, giant eggs, our Tomy Squeeky Eggs and our Learning Resources Handy Tools.

When it comes to playing with rice I tend to use our tuff spot tray and a mess mat to help with tidying up. I try to encourage my kids to use the tuff spot tray as the boundary. The mat helps contain any rice that escapes. Any rice that makes it onto the carpet is then swept up. I would say that only 5% of the rice ends up on the carpet. The more often you do these activities the better your children will learn whats acceptable.

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