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Beat the Meal Boredom

So in this uncertain time where we might be faced with school closures and having to spend a large amount of time at home I think the most important thing we can do is to prepare.

With an 8 year old, 5 year old and 2 year old it can be very tricky to keep all three of them happy especially when they all like different activities and different foods. When it comes to food, they all have their own likes and dislikes so I find having lots of options available the best way to ensure all 3 children are happy.

I'm not advocating stockpiling at all but I do think it's sensible to have a range of freezer and cupboard supplies in to help you if you are at home for an extended period of time. If possible try to have the following and obviously any other specific foods that your family eats.

So if you do find yourself at home for a long period of time, you can quickly get stuck in meal repeat territory. I've pulled together some of my favourite ways to keep meal time interesting especially if you are limited on food options.

Sharing Platter

This is one of our favourite ways to serve food. I like to include a variety of foods of different colours and textures, making sure that each child has a favourite. These are great for fridge raids when you have bits and bobs to use up. 

Ice Cube Tray Meal

I use this one regularly for my toddlers lunch but it is also great to mix things up for snack time and again great for using bits and bobs up from the fridge.


Sometimes just changing the way you serve food can reignite interest. A kitchen picnic is a great way to beat the meal repeat or if the weather is nice, in the garden.

Lunch Box

If you have to be at home for a long time then why not serve a lunchbox to mix things up. Offering different ways to eat the same food can really help especially if you are limited in your food offerings.

Food Art

You don't have to be Picasso to create food art. I've got lots of ideas on my Instagram Page using the #allaboutkidsfoodart

Change Location

If you always eat meals at the table why not have a picky platter in the front room on a blanket or even try breakfast in bed?

Make Their Own

Getting children involved in creating their own food can mean they are more likely to eat it. It could be making their own sandwich, helping peel veggies for dinner or baking.

Using Cookie Cutters

I will hold my hands up and admit that I do own a lot of cookie cutters but you only need a couple to make things interesting. By simply cutting shapes into food whether it be a sandwich, toast, pancakes, fruit and vegetables will make food visually more appeal and engaging.

Relax The Rules

If you are stuck at home for a long period of time then perhaps relaxing the rules will help you get through it with your sanity in tack. Maybe let the kids watch a little TV while they are eating or including a few treats and frozen pizza into the mix.

Let Them Decide

Sometimes it can be beneficial for you to let your kids decide what is on offer. So I'm not suggesting ice cream or breakfast but offering sensible options and letting the kids choose can take a lot of the pressure off.

So these are just some of the things you can do to help beat the meal boredom. Please check out my Instagram page for more inspiration. I've got some sandwich free lunch inspiration here if needed and some breakfast ideas here.

Finally, do not beat yourself up about the food you are serving at this difficult time. This is an unprecedented time we are facing and we just need to do what we have to do to get through it.

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