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Frankenstein Toast

This fun Frankenstein toast is a great way to create some Halloween food art that is really easy to recreate.

I absolutely love Halloween, purely because it provides a lot of fun food opportunities! When I was growing up, Halloween wasn't a really big thing. I think the first time I went trick or treating I was nine or ten. My kids have fully embraced Halloween and it's something we look forward to every year. 

When it comes to fun food I've always said that simple is best. Thankfully this Frankenstein toast is really easy to recreate. 

How To Make Frankenstein Toast

You will need:

A slice of toast
3 blueberries

Simply mash up some avocado and spread onto the toast. Cut some blackberries in half and then place along the top of the toast, add another blackberry for the mouth and then another two for bolts. Add two slices of banana and topped with blueberries for eyes. Place a blueberry above the mouth for a nose. Slice some kiwi and place at the side for ears.

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