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Summer Outside Play Ideas

Summer is here and the weather is finally starting to warm up. If you are looking for some easy summer play ideas then look no further. I've listed some of our favourite ways to keep cool during the summer. Most of these are adaptable to what you already have in your house/garden so makes for inexpensive play.

Summer Outside Play Ideas

Ice Cube Play

This is a really easy activity to set up. The only forward planing required is some ice cubes. You could even add some food colouring to the water to create some coloured ice cubes to play with. Add some tongs, scoops and cups and let children explore. You could enhance this task by incorporating colour sorting. 

Paint Brush Water Box

This is the ultimate easy activity. It's simply a box filled with water with some paint brushes. These are just cheap brushes from poundland. Allow children to paint the fence, wall or even the grass.

Flower Soup

This is a lovely activity to do if you have a bunch of flowers on the way out. Also a lovely water play activity for a warm, summers day. Find out more here.

Ice Block Play

This is a great idea for slightly older children to explore with. Simply freeze objects overnight and then let your children excavate the items. We used some toy hammers and warm water in droppers. Take care if using salt as when combined with ice and body heat it can cause a burn.

Citrus Water Box 

If you have a young child who has started weaning then this is a lovely sensory activity to do and is a great way to keep cool on a hot day. Read the blog post here

Water Pouring Station

Water play in the summer is the best way to cool down and toddlers absolutely love to pour water, One of our go to activities and very easy to set up. Read the blog post here

Paddling Pool Ball Pool

So we all know that the weather isn't always kind to us here in the UK but when we do get a decent sunny day, get that paddling pool out. A really easy way to enhance a paddling pool day is to add some plastic balls. We add our garden slide and some nets for lots of fun.

Mud Kitchen Tuff Spot Tray

If you do not have a mud kitchen then why not create your own using a tuff spot. A great garden activity to do but be prepared for some mess. Find out more here

Painting With Ice

Fill an ice cube tray with water and add different coloured food colouring to it. Use craft sticks (cut in half to make more manageable for little hands) to insert into the ice cube trays. A great tip for getting the sticks to stay in place is to cover the tray with cling film. Allow your child to then paint on some paper or on the pavement.

Water Beads

Water beads are a fantastic sensory resource for children. Simply expand in some water and then add some scoops, tongs and sieves or other utensils. You could even freeze them if if is a very hot day and you are looking for a fun way to cool down. Water beads are not edible so adult supervision required at all times.

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