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Flower Soup

Don't worry I'm not actually making a flower soup recipe for you to follow! This is all about playing! I had some flowers that were on their out but instead of throwing them out I wanted to use them for a play opportunity. 

My toddler really loves water play and we've done a lot of water play this summer including a water pouring station and numerous beach days. So to mix things up I knew that I wanted to add the flowers to our water play. 

This activity was really easy to set up. I used our trusty tuff spot tray but you could easily just set this up on the grass or play indoors with a big towel or even in the bath! I then just grabbed some of our toy kitchen pots and pans, some old wooden spoon and some of our old kitchen utensils. I filled one of our storage tubs with some water and then cut the flowers off the stems and added them to the water.

My little one went straight for the spoons to do some mixing. We then talked about the flowers and their different colours which prompted some colour sorting. She then explored the different flowers and started peeling the petals off. The flowers held her attention for quite a while but ultimately it became a water activity. She was just quite happy to splash in the water. She did empty the tub onto the tray and thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the water!

Quick set up, low cost and most importantly, fun! You just might need a towel and a change of clothes!

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