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Water Pouring Station

So we all know that summer in the UK is very unpredictable. One week you’re covered in sun cream enjoying the sun and then the next week it is torrential rain and wellies! Thankfully in our part of the UK we are having a very pleasant spell of weather, not too hot, not too windy and most importantly, not wet! 

We have been enjoying a lot of time in the garden and we’ve even had our paddling pool out but I’m now struggling for ideas to keep my toddler busy. Thankfully I’ve come up with the best way to keep her cool, busy and happy with very little set up and at very little cost - mum win! 


Toddler water pouring station! We all know that toddlers love water and pouring so a toddler pouring station is going to save you on long hot days this summer. I’ve set this up before using our water table but as we’ve been playing with our water table a lot recently I wanted to try something different to keep it interesting. 

I set up the pouring station on our tuff spot tray. I chose this so that we could save water by scooping up any spillages back into our bottles ready to be poured again. One word of caution is that tuff spot trays can become very hot when in the sun so always check the temperature of it first. I set ours up at the bottom of our garden so we could get some shade from the trees. 

I simply raided our recycling bin and grabbed some cups from the cupboard and filled them with water. I added a larger plastic box to put in the middle so she could empty the water into, well that was the idea anyway! 

She was quite happy to pour them all over the tuff spot and herself! She even sat down on the tray once it was quite wet. In hindsight I should have put her swimming suit on! Some of the bottles were a bit too heavy for her but I just poured out the water into the cups for her until it was light enough for her to try. She did lots of scooping and pouring which is great for fine motor skills and for building up hand strength.

I’m not kidding you, we were playing with this for nearly an hour! It was such a great easy activity to set up and allowed lots of language. I definitely recommend you try it out but just have a towel ready! 

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