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Summer Bucket List

The school summer holidays - on one hand I absolutely love having the kids at home, not having to be up, out, ready every morning and not having to make a lunch box everyday but then on the other hand it's for six weeks! Six whole weeks with 3 children of different ages to keep occupied!


I first came up with a summer bucket list back in 2017 when I was heavily pregnant and it was my first experience of having a school age child off for 6 whole weeks. Within half an hour of school breaking up my then 5 year old daughter proclaimed she was bored! I needed help and fast!

So I came up with a summer bucket list. It's such a simple idea to help beat the summer holiday boredom. I simply cut some paper and wrote the words summer 2017 in bubble writing. I then used a cookie cutter to then draw circles. Once the circles were drawn we then decided what we were going to fill them with. I then wrote them into each circle. The aim is to colour in each circle once it was completed. I use lining paper from Poundland to keep this low cost. I like to use some of our foam letters and numbers to trace around just to make it neater but by all means go freehand.

Now what you include in your bucket list is completely up to you. We include a mix of things to do at home, days out and the occasional treat. Also how many things you include is up to you, you can add as many or as little as you like. I didn't include something that can be done everyday as I didn't want this to become a tick list operation. The purpose of this is to help give you ideas to make the summer holidays enjoyable, not to make it a chore.

So some of the things we like to include are

Riding on public transport
Having a picnic
Visit a museum
Make play dough
Visit the seaside
Read a new book

You are in control of your list and you can make it as cheap and easy as you like. Remember that this is just a list of suggestions to help you through the holidays and it does not matter if you complete it or not. Use it for inspiration and fun and not another thing to add to your ever growing list.

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