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Non Nom Kids Review

The lovely Suzanne at Nom Nom Kids has kindly sent me out some of her reusable food pouches and snack bags to test out.  The first thing that struck me on opening the package is the fantastic design on both pouches and snack bags. They are so eye catching and appealing for young children they instantly make a great first impression. 

The pouches come in two different sizes. The animal pouch is smaller and holds 140ml which is perfect for young children and those starting out with solids. The monster pouch is slightly larger and holds 200ml perfect for older toddlers and school children. Both designs have a handy section on the back which allows you to write on your child's name, contents, date filled and instructions as to whether the pouch needs to be kept chilled or warmed up. 

These food pouches are by far the best I've used! They are so easy to operate. The fact that the pouch opens on its side means it gives you easy access for filling and cleaning. You don't need any fiddly funnels or spoons you simply open the pouch, make sure the cap is on then stand it on its side and pour in. There is also a fill line on the side which is extremely handy. Once full you simply close by pressing down along the zip lock. These are incredibly durable and unless you have a mini hulk toddler then once it is sealed it will not open unless by an adult. 

So once your pouch is full either pop it in the fridge, a lunch bag with ice block or in the freezer. I love that they are freezer safe as it's a great way of reducing waste. You can even use your frozen nom nom pouch as a make shift ice block for your child's lunch and it will be nice and defrosted by lunch time. 

You can pretty much fill the pouches with any liquid as long as it doesn't contain large solid items. We mostly do smoothies but you can also fill it with soup or if you are weaning it's perfect for purees. The pouch can not go in a microwave but if you need to heat the contents up just simply sit the pouch in a warm jug of water until it reaches the desired temperature. 

When it comes to cleaning them you simply rinse and pop them in the top rack of the dishwasher. Alternatively you can clean them out with a bottle brush and as it's a side opening it cleans easily. 

Nom Nom Kids also do really handy snack bags. They come in two fun designs a blue monster and a pink monster. On the other side is a handy space to pop your child's name. The snack bags work the same as the pouches with the respect that they are sealed by a very strong double zip lock. 

The snack bags are a great size for transporting toddler snacks around and once sealed keeps items fresh. 

Both the pouches and the snack bags contain no nasty chemicals and is a fantastic alternative to shop bought pouches. 

These Nom Nom pouches and snack bags really are fantastic and we are thoroughly enjoying using them. If you would like to find out more check their website at www.nomnomkids.co.uk.

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