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Paw Patrol Treasure Hunt

If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen on my story recently our home school learning. We are fortunate that our school are sending through daily tasks for each child to complete via an online app. One thing that we are struggling with though is my five year old's reading and writing. Any reading or writing tasks have become a huge struggle for him. I don't want to push him because I feel like this will make the situation worse and therefore he'll be even less likely to do it. I voiced my concerns to school who have said just to try and adjust the learning to things that he is interested in.

A few weeks ago I found a treasure hunt on pinterest that I did for him. He loved it and it was so great to hear him reading without it being a battle so I thought it would be great to do another one. He loves Paw Patrol so to make it different from the last one I made it about Paw Patrol.

Sadly I already know all the Paw Patrol catchphrases so the hardest part of this was making them rhyme with household items!

Once typed up and printed I then put them into the order I wanted him to find them, I mixed them up with a mixture of upstairs and downstairs (getting some PE in there 😅). I included the pups because we had them but its not essential. You could perhaps use a sticker or picture of each pup if you don't have figures. Then for the final clue I then hid a treat in his Paw Patrol lookout.

He loved doing this activity and it was so brilliant to hear him reading without putting up a fight. If you would like to download this activity to do with your Paw Patrol fans then please click here.

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