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Easter Fun Food

Easter is just around the corner and I've got some fun and easy ways you can incorporate a little Easter food fun into you child's meals. I've always advocated that food art doesn't need to be complicated or time consuming. My aim with all my food art is that it is easily recreated. Children don't need elaborate food art masterpieces, all it takes is a couple of fun tweaks to create something visual and exciting for them to try. Food art can be a great way to tempt fussy eaters into trying something new. 

Easter Bunny Bagel

Creating an Easter Bunny bagel is very easy and you do not need any special tools. This bunny is simply made by spreading soft cream cheese on a toasted bagel. The ears are shaped with a knife from half a bagel. The nose is simply a piece of carrot. The whiskers and mouth are made from thin strips of cheese. Finally the bunny is topped with some raisin eyes. You can easily substitute any of the items for your child's favourite foods.

Easter Egg Egg Box

This is one of my favourite ways to create some Easter fun food. Using plastic eggs, fill them with your little ones favourite foods in an egg box. Serve as lunch or a snack for a quick but fun way to create some Easter fun. Buy plastic eggs from amazon here.

Easter Bunny Porridge

Add some fun to your little ones porridge with a visit from the Easter bunny. To make your bunny shape some pancakes or toast into long ovals for ears. Add some blueberry eyes and a raspberry nose. For the whiskers cut some thin strips of apple and for the mouth cut some pancake or toast into thin strips.

Easter Chick Lunch

It's not Easter without a chick. To create your own cute chick you will need a circular cookie cutter. Using your circular cookie cutter, cut out two circles of bread and a circular piece of cheese. In one slice of bread use a knife to create triangles, this will be your hatched egg. Create a nose by cutting out a triangle from some carrot. To create the comb add a piece of satsuma. Complete your chick with some raisin eyes or edible eyes.

Easter Bunny Breakfast

We've all seen pictures of the pancake bunny's back with the cute whipped cream tail but frankly that's too much effort as you have to make like 6 different pancakes of varying sizes. My version, you only need one size of pancake. Make or buy some pancakes and then top with blueberries, a raspberry and some cut apple. Then add some banana ears, much easier!

Fun Easter Lunchbox

So if you have an oval cookie cutter then you can instantly add a fun twist to your little ones lunchbox by creating an Easter egg sandwich. I added some cheese shaped into triangles with a knife for extra effect. I filled our lunchbox with some fruit and veg. I also included one of our banana and blackberry muffins but added some icing to make it look like a hot cross bun.

Easter Bunny Sandwich

Last bunny, I promise but this one is cute! To make an Easter Bunny Sandwich simply cut your sandwich with a circular cookie cutter. I added raisin eyes, a blueberry nose, some carrot whiskers, a pretzel mouth and finally topped with some cucumber ears. 

Easter Sharing Platter

A sharing platter is always a winner when it comes to feeding my fussy trio! Including each child has some of their favourites means I'm not having to make three different meals. Seasonal platters are my favourite because it's so easy to add little festive items.

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