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Potato Stamping Easter Cards

We don't normally send Easter cards but given the current situation we thought it would be a lovely thing to send to family and friends.

When it comes to any activity with my children, the key is in the planning. The actual activity needs to be ready to go. If it's not ready to go then the waiting usually means that they lose interest before it's even got started.

This activity took less than ten minutes of prep. Firstly I used really old potatoes that were not edible and cut them in half. I then cut strips into them to make a pattern making sure it was deep enough to create the markings.

Once the patterns were cut, I then got the paint, card and brushes out and then we were good to go. I then let them paint the potatoes and stamp on the cards.

I would recommend having a paint brush for each colour that you use so you don't have to clean the brush each time you want to use a different colour.

This was hugely popular because it wasn't too messy. My five year old doesn't like getting his hands messy so this was a great activity for him.

I know in this challenging time many of us don't have food to spare so you could perhaps create this activity using some sponges or by making your own stamper out of paper and some pipe cleaners.

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