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Fun Pancake Food Art

Inject some food fun to your pancakes with these easy to replicate creations. Why not try a bear, butterfly, lion, rabbit, rocket, dinosaur, cat, snail or reindeer. What will your child love?

Pancake Day is just around the corner and it is the perfect base for some easy food art. I've always said that creating food art doesn't have to be over complicated. Most of the time, simple is more effective. Whether you make your own or you buy shop bought pancakes why not create some food art fun this Pancake Day. 

Fun Pancake Food Art

Bear Pancake

The bear pancake is the ultimate definition of easy food art. For this bear pancake the only additional toppings you need are some sliced banana and some raisins. Alternatively you could use blueberries or chocolate chips instead of raisins. 

Lion Pancake

This lion pancake is one of my favourites. I simply used clementines to create the mane, some pineapple pieces for ears, raisins for eyes, a raspberry nose and some sliced blueberries for the mouth. You could perhaps have a strawberry or banana mane as an alternative. I've got more fun lion food ideas here

Rocket Pancake

Rockets are one of the most easily adaptable food art creations, you can pretty much use anything. For this rocket I used a knife to cut it into shape. I then added some strawberries cut into a v shape for the flames, clementines for the sides and some blueberries. You can find some more rocket food art ideas here.

Rabbit Pancake

Not just for Easter this rabbit pancake is perfect any time of year. For this I used blueberries for eyes, a raspberry nose and thinly sliced apple for the whiskers and mouth. I then sliced a banana in half to use as the ears. 

Butterfly Pancake

Butterflies are one of my favourite food art creations as the options are limitless. I first created this heart butterfly for Valentine's Day. You will need a heart cookie cutter to create four heart wings. I then topped each heart with a thin slice of strawberry and a blueberry. For the body I used sliced blackberries. 

Dinosaur Pancake

Dinosaur food art is lots of fun because there are just so many options. So this dinosaur may not be visually correct but it is very easy to recreate. All you need is a pancake, some sliced strawberries, a banana cut in half length ways, blueberries and a raisin/cranberries. Cut the banana into two pieces, one bit longer than the other. With the other half cut some of the banana into legs. I then added some blueberries for spots. 

Cat Pancake

This cute cat is really easy to recreate and is easily adaptable to your child's likes. I topped a pancake with two blueberries, triangle strawberry, two pieces of banana and some pancake cut into whiskers. Alternatively you could top with peanut butter or chocolate spread. You may also like this fun food cat.

Snail Pancake

A snail pancake is really easy to make and very adaptable. I used some blueberries to make a shell but you could use sauce if your hand eye coordination is good! Sit the pancake on top of a halved banana, then add halved blueberries for antennas. I used a raisin to create two eyes and used a knife to create a mouth. 

Reindeer Pancake

Not just for Christmas a reindeer is easy to recreate any time of year. Using a knife, cut some antlers into a pancake. Then top another pancake with blueberry eyes and top with a raspberry nose. Alternatively use a gingerbread cookie cutter and turn it upside down for an instant reindeer. 

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