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Valentines Fun Food Ideas

Love is in the air! Valentines day is just around the corner and I've got lots of ways to incorporate a little fun into your little ones meals. I've said it before but you do not need to be Picasso to create fun food. Food art can be as elaborate or simple as you like but having some heart cookie cutters will definitely help make the job easier and save some time. 

Smoothie Bowl Heart

To make this yummy smoothie bowl simply choose the fruit that you would like use then blend it with some natural yogurt and transfer to a bowl. You can top with whatever you like but I used chia seeds, desiccated coconut and blueberries. I used two heart cookie cutters of slightly different sizes to help shape the hearts. I sprinkled on the coconut first then using a smaller heart cookie cutter placed the chia seeds on top. Then I simply added blueberries around the hearts. A yummy, healthy, lovely breakfast.

French Toast 

French toast is great for cutting up into shapes. If you have some alphabet cutters you can easily spell out words. I use alphabet cutters from Wilton. Simply use a knife to shape strawberries into a heart. Raspberries are great hearts as they are virtually ready made, give them a little squeeze to shape into a heart. I simply placed a raspberry heart on top of some natural yogurt. 

Love Heart Berry Platter

You can use whatever fruit you like but we stuck with berries as my three love them! Simply wash any fruit and arrange into a heart shape. Perfect for snack or as part of breakfast.

Hearty Lunch

Heart cookie cutters will definitely come in handy for this lunch. This is simply a ham sandwich cut using a heart cookie cutter. On the top slice of bread use a smaller heart cookie cutter to cut out another heart so you can see the ham. Again using a heart cookie cutter cut some cucumber to make heart shapes. As above post you can simply use a knife to shape strawberries into hearts. Finally I used Organix Red Pepper Hearts to complete the meal.

Bee Mine Fruity Bee

I loved making this! For the bee I used mango fingers, blackberries, blueberries and a piece of tortilla wrap. I simply trimmed the mango fingers down a little making the first one wider. I then cut some blackberries in half to make the stripes. For the eye I cut a blueberry in half and for the mouth I sliced a blueberry thinly. To make the wings I simply used an idea I seen from Eats Amazing of using a heart cookie cutter. Simply use the cookie cutter on a piece of the tortilla wrap and slide the bottom of the heart under the bee so you only see the top. I added Bee Mine cut out using cutters from cantaloupe. 

Fruity Love Breakfast

This has to be my favourite valentines breakfast that I've made. Love was spelled out using blueberries, a kiwi, two apricot slices and some grapes cut in half length ways. The pancakes were cut out using two heart cookie cutters. I spread raspberry chia jam on each pancake. Finally I used natural yogurt topped with a mashed blackberry heart. I served on our Nuby divided plate.

Heart Butterfly Lunchbox

So this looks elaborate but trust me it's not that complicated. To make a heart butterfly you will need 2 heart cookie cutters in two different sizes. I made a ham sandwich and then using the larger of the two heart cutters cut out the butterfly wings. Then using the smaller heart cutter, cut a heart into each of the larger heart sandwiches. Keep the small heart insert and use that for the butterfly body. I then used some cucumber for the antennae. I made this to fit in our Yumbox panino lunchbox and completed with some fruit and vegetables. 

Heart Toast

Creating a quick and easy valentines breakfast doesn't need to be complicated. Simply create some fun themed toast using heart cutters to add heart toppings. You could make either yogurt and kiwi, chocolate spread and strawberry hearts, raspberry chia jam with a blueberry heart or maybe peanut butter and banana hearts.

Sharing Platter

There is no denying that my children absolutely love a sharing platter. They all get to pick their favourites in a safe and non threatening way. I always include food that they love, like and are learning. Serving food like this is a great way to mix things up if you are in a food rut. Adding a few hearts is a great way to make a sharing platter valentines ready. 

Valentines Heart Fruity Sticks

These fruity heart sticks make a really great fun snack. I made with watermelon and strawberries but you can use whatever fruit you like. Full details can be found here.

Valentines Yogurt Bark

Yogurt bark is a great snack for children and by adding a few hearts and XO's it becomes a lovely valentines snack. Full details on how to make can be found here.

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