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Valentines Heart Sticking

We haven't done many sticking activities recently and was looking for a way to incorporate sticking into a Valentines craft. I raided our craft drawer and also got a few bits from a craft store. I used a heart cookie cutter to trace dots around some hearts onto some pink paper. I cut a few out and I left some on a whole sheet of paper.

My four year old then chose what items she wanted to stick onto the hearts by placing them in our paint colour pot. She chose foam love hearts, 3 different types of buttons, pom poms and some foil shapes.

We then sat down and I told her to stick things onto the dots around the edges then anywhere in middle. She chose what she wanted to stick down on the heart with minimal help. She enjoyed picking out what items she wanted to stick down. She did one heart on pink paper and a couple of cut out hearts. 

After she was finished I then stuck down her cut out hearts to some card to make a lovely homemade Valentines card. 

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