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Love Heart Stamp Painting

Kicking off our Valentines crafts with this fantastic love heart stamping activity. This was a massive success with both Jessica (4) and Oliver (18m).

I seen the idea of using empty toilet roll holders shaped into love hearts on Pinterest. Toilet roll holders are something we always have abandoned in our house! You simply need to squeeze the toilet roll together so both sides are touching then fold the line from the top to the bottom. I then mixed some lovely valentines colours into our paint pots all from red paint, blue paint and white paint. Jessica enjoyed helping with the mixing and watching the colours change.

I placed the toilet roll holders into each colour and let the fun commence. Jessica was straight in there stamping away but Oliver needed some guidance. Once I showed him what to do he was then happy to do some stamping but he did prefer to just get paint on his hands or use a paint brush and create his own fun. Jessica lasted a lot longer and was quite happy stamping piece of paper after paper. She also enjoyed placing all the toilet holders on the paper at the same time. 

This was such an easy activity to set up with minimal tools it is a great activity to do for valentines day. I'll definitely be revisiting this activity again but will mix up the colours next time. 

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