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Kids Winter Sensory Box

Let your little one have fun exploring this winter sensory box in the warmth of your home. This is a great learning through play activity that will also help develop fine motor skills with lots of scooping, pouring and pinching.

Winter in the UK is a bit hit and miss, we get the cold, dark nights, the occasional frost but snow is not guaranteed especially in this little corner of Lincolnshire. When introducing a new topic to my children one of my go to activities is a sensory box. Sensory boxes really bring a topic to life in a safe and visual way for young children. 

Benefits of Sensory Boxes

Sensory boxes provide children with numerous development opportunities all the while stimulating their senses. While children are playing there is a wide range of fine motor skills being used such as scooping, pouring, grasping and pinching alongside hand-eye coordination. Sensory play helps promote independent play and the use of a child's imagination as well as supporting cognitive development.  

Winter Sensory Box

The beauty of a sensory box is that it is completely adaptable to what you have in your house already. I decided to use some long grain rice as it's a great base when it comes to scooping and pouring and the white colour is perfect as a winter themed base. Some alternatives include oats or flour but just be prepared for slightly more mess. I then raided our craft supplies and included blue buttons, pom poms and some wooden snowflakes that I purchased from Hobbycraft. I then had a look around the house and included some blue Learning Resources Maths Cubes and a blue fidget ball. You can pretty much add anything that you find, some suggestions include lego, wooden cubes, bottle lids, stickle bricks.

I set this activity up on our tuff spot tray as I find it is the best for containing the mess. I then added lots of tools to aid the activity: measuring cups, scoops, a tweezer, a bendy fidget tube and some snowflake cookie cutters.

With these type of activities I like to let my children explore the box in their own way. My four year old went straight in to scooping the rice into various tubs. She also added the rice into the snowflake cookie cutters to make her own snowflakes. She then used the tweezers to then pick out the pompoms into a bowl. There is no right or wrong way to play with sensory boxes, just give your child the opportunity to play.

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