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Lion Stamping Craft

This is a really easy and cheap activity for little lion fans. Paint, some homemade stamps and a black sharpie is all you need to create this super cute lion. The perfect fun lion craft to try at home with your little cubs.

When it comes to any craft activity that I do with my children, the key is to keeping things simple. Preparation is key in the set up and also for the clean up. With any painting activity with toddlers I like to have a clean up area ready.

To create my lion stamp I simply cut up some cheap sponges, one into an oval shape and two rectangular ones. I then put some yellow, orange and red paint into a divided plate with the sponges. 

I then set up some card and paper and did a sample lion. My two year old lost interest after about five minutes.  My four year old really loved this activity, she got really into it and made lots of lion faces. She independently stamped about 10 lions. She really engaged with making sure she alternated the colours of the mane. 

Once they were dry we then added the facial features. To keep things simple you could just use a black pen to draw on the facial features but I included some googly eyes and a black pom pom nose. I then drew on the whiskers and mouth with a black sharpie. This is a great activity on its own but it would also make a great Fathers Day card.

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