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Lion Stamping

Oliver loves lions so I thought we do some lion painting and also double it up as some thank you cards from his birthday.

For this I simply cut up some cheap sponges, one into an oval shape and 2 rectangular ones. I then mixed up some paint using our Oogaa Baby divided plate. This plate was the perfect size for this activity. 

I then set up some card and showed Oliver how to do it. He did a few stamps and then totally lost interest. Thankfully Jessica was loving this activity. She independently stamped about 10 lions. She really engaged with making sure she alternated the colours of the mane. 

Once these were dry we then drew on the facial features. 

We also made some as thank you cards for Oliver's birthday.

The pom pom nose makes it a little awkward for posting so I just drew on the rest of the faces. 

Perfect thank you card or painting session for any little lion fans, well except Oliver! 

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