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Olympics Paint Stamping

I absolutely love the Olympics and I have very fond memories of watching it as a child. I have clear memories of Barcelona 1992 when I was nearly 8 years old. One of my ambitions when I was a child was to win gold at shot put at Sydney 2000. I would love for my children to have lots of happy memories of the Olympics growing up and for them to be inspired by the many amazingly talented Olympians.

This is the first year I can really engage with Jessica about the Olympics as when London 2012 was commencing she was only 7 months old! So I decided to do a spot of toilet roll tube painting as the effort reward ratio is very high for this activity.

All you need is five empty toilet roll tubes (never a problem in our house!) and some paint - blue, black, red, yellow and green. I simply set it up in our painting pallet but you could use bowls if you do not have one. I then stuck the empty toilet roll tubes into each colour and did a sample one to show her what we were doing.

She really loved this. She really took her time to get the rings to interlink. While she was stamping I told her all about the Olympics. She immediately said that she wanted to win a gold medal.

I let Oliver do some stamping too and we worked on our colour recognition which he really enjoyed.

A brilliant 15/20 minute activity to keep little ones busy with a very quick set up time. Clear up times dependent on how messy your little one gets!

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