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Kids Granola Breakfast Lollies

We all know that summer in the UK can be very hit and miss, one minute it's a heatwave and then the next it's pouring down. Last week when we were in the midst of a heatwave I made some granola breakfast lollies. I'm always trying to come up with new fun, food ideas for my fussy eaters. These lollies are both fun and tasty, a huge hit with my children. Sometimes just offering a new food or a different idea can be enough to tempt fussy eaters. 

Granola for breakfast is one of our favourites. If you've never made your own granola then you are missing out. Homemade granola not only tastes so much better than shop bought versions but because you are in charge of the ingredients it is completely adaptable to your own preferences.

These granola lollies are an amazing refreshing breakfast or healthy snack on a hot summers day. They are healthy enough for breakfast but fun enough for dessert. The options for these lollies are limitless. Not only can the flavour of the yogurt be adapted but you can also choose what ingredients to add to your granola.

Lollies For Breakfast

I kept it very simple, by using some natural yogurt sweetened with some honey and my granola recipe. You can find my adaptable granola recipe here. I didn't include any dried fruit though, as I wasn't sure what that would be like frozen! I mixed the sweetened yogurt and granola  together and then poured into my ice lolly moulds. I got these moulds from IKEA but there are plenty available from Amazon. Obviously the recipe amounts will vary depending on the size of your yogurt moulds. I froze overnight and then they were ready for breakfast the next morning. Serve with some fruit and you have an exceptionally quick and refreshing breakfast!

Please remember that honey should not be given to under 1's.


Granola Breakfast Lolly


6 tbsp of natural yogurt
4 tbsp of granola
1 tbsp of honey


Mix together the natural yogurt and honey in a bowl. Next add the granola and mix well. Then carefully add the yogurt mixture into the lolly moulds. Insert the sticks, wiping away any over spill. Freeze overnight or for at least 4 hours. 

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