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Tum Tum Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and I've got some really fun ideas for you to try out using some of the fantastic products from Tum Tum. We love Tum Tum, their products are fun, inviting, hard wearing and most importantly, I think you'll agree, dishwasher safe. 

The Eco Cloud plate is one of our favourites. It comes as a set with a cup and a bowl and comes in two different colours. It is the perfect blank canvas to create some fun Christmas food art. I've created a really simply Christmas tree that you can recreate. I made a cheese and spinach quesadilla and simply cut it into triangles, each one slightly smaller in size. I placed them on top of each other to create the tree. I then added some decorations, I added some finely chopped cherry tomatoes, blueberries and some cucumber stars but feel free to add whatever toppings you like. I then topped the tree with a yellow pepper star. I also added some festive coloured fruit into the divided section of the plate. 

I also made a Christmas tree from some tortilla wrap and mashed avocado. Again just cut into triangles and add your own decorations. You can find my review on the Eco Cloud plate here.

Another of our favourite products is the Dippy Face Plate. This plate is well suited to younger babies who are just starting out on their weaning journey as it comes with a very strong double suction base ensuring the plate stays firmly on the highchair. You can remove the base as your child grows and has passed the plate throwing stage! The Dippy Face Plate is perfect if you are not very confident when it comes to food art. The plate itself is so much fun you don't really need to add many touches to make it even more fun. I've just created a Rudolph bear face from a sandwich, banana, blueberries, pretzels and of course a raspberry for the red nose.

We are just trying out this really fun Kids Lunch Box with Dipping Pot Separator for the first time and it's already a hit! The dipping pot is fantastic as it comes with its own lid so you can easily store liquid contents such as yogurt or hummus for dipping. The pot is also great for keeping each side of the lunch box separated or you can remove it and just have one large lunch box. We tested it out with a Rudolph sandwich made from an upside down gingerbread man cookie cutter and some festive coloured fruit. 

Finally another product that gets a lot of use in our house is the Nesting Snack Boxes. These boxes are the perfect size for toddler lunch boxes or even for storing leftovers. Each box fits inside each other so when not in use they do not take up a lot of storage. We use them as a lunch box quite regualrly as the are great for keeping food separated. The largest box is the perfect size for creating a Rudolph sandwich this time cut into a circle with some raisin eyes, pretzels and a raspberry nose. 

As you can see you don't need a degree in art to create fun festive food for children but with some of the right utensils it can make the task a whole lot easier. To shop the full Tum Tum range please click here and use the code AAK20 for an amazing 20% discount across the whole website! My previous Tum Tum review can be found here

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