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Easter Egg Water Tray

Whenever I need to entertain my three year old then an activity with water is always a sure winner especially on a sunny day when we can get outside to limit the clean up. 

Scooping and pouring of water seems like such a simple activity but it is such an important activity to develop for younger children. The benefits of water play for preschoolers includes developing and strengthening fine and gross motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination, introducing early maths vocabulary including more, less, empty and full. 

Easter is just around the corner so I wanted to incorporate this into our play. For this activity all you need is some plastic Easter eggs, a plastic tub filled with water, some cups/bowls and a sieve or spoon to scoop out the eggs.

I set this up outside on our tuff spot tray but you can set it up anywhere. When I set up any activity for my children I like to let them explore and play with it in their own way. There is no right or wrong way to play, each child will play in their own way. 

As soon as she seen it, she went straight for the sieve and started scooping out the eggs. She quickly turned it into a colour sorting activity. Once she had sorted all the eggs she then just chose to use the bowls and cups to scoop and pour the water. 

This activity only took a few minutes to set up and she spent about 15 minutes playing with it. Additional ways to play include:

Simply count the eggs

Sorting the eggs into size order

Add items, such as stones, to the inside of the eggs and see if they sinks or float

Write numbers on the eggs using a whiteboard marker and ask your child to pick out that number

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