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Maped Picnik Review

I've been making lunchboxes for quite a few years, so I've come across quite a few different types and styles. I like to have different options available for my children as they have different appetites and like different foods so one lunchbox definitely does not fit all. 

I've been kindly sent a new lunchbox range to try out from Maped Helix. You might recognise the name Helix, the well known stationery company. They are now part of the Maped group who provide a wide range of stationery for schools, the home and the office. They are now diversifying into the crafts and kitchenware markets. 

We've been trying out three products from their Maped Picnik range, Lunch Box, Snack Box and Water Bottle

Both the Lunch Box and the Snack Box are opened and closed with a unique turn system called the helix. Once the helix is turned it releases and you can open the box. To close you simply turn to lock and it securely keeps the lid in place. All of these products come in four different designs, are dishwasher safe and are BPA free. You can also use these products in the microwave as long as you remove the lid.

Within the Lunch Box it contains an inner tray with a lid so the capacity of the box is quite large. You can use the Lunch Box with or without the inner tray. If using the tray to fit within the Lunch Box then you need to pack something quite flat to fit underneath. The Lunch Box has two compartments and the inner tray. Due to the size of the box this is more than large enough for children and adults.

The Snack Box is a lot smaller in comparison to the Lunch Box but it is still actually a really decent size. It is perfect for a child or toddlers lunchbox.

The Water Bottle is quite unique. You press one button to open, it is spill and leak proof as it automatically seals when you stop drinking, dishwasher safe, BPA free and you can even untwist the bottom for very easy cleaning.

To find out more and to check out some fantastic recipes please visit www.mapedpicnik.com

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission from products bought. 

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