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Scrummmptious Review

I believe that healthy treats can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. I recently did a blog post rounding up some healthy treat alternatives that you can offer your children. Even with the best of intentions sometimes time constraints get in the way, so it's always handy to have a shop bought alternative ready. We have been fortunate enough to be trying out a brand new cake product called Scrummmptious.  

Scrummmptious are an exciting new cake product with a twist. Each cake is less than 100 calories, contains no refined sugar and is full of natural ingredients. Refined sugar is a massive problem, it contributes to tooth decay, weight gain and can increase your chance of developing type 2 diabetes. While some people may argue that sugar is still sugar there really is a difference. Refined sugar contains no nutritional value at all, it is just full of empty calories. Scrummmptious use unrefined coconut palm sugar which contains natural nutrients and minerals. By using a natural unrefined sugar it means that Scrummmptious use less sugar per cake than a typical cake serving.  

Scrummmptious are available in two delicious flavours, Lemon and Chia Seed and Cranberry and Orange. Each flavour has a very unique and individual taste. The lemon is very zesty and compliments the crunch of the chia seeds perfectly. The cranberry and orange is more subtle with a lovely tinge of orange topped with delicious oats. Both my taste testers gave each flavour a massive thumbs up. These cakes contain no nuts so are perfect for school lunch boxes as a healthier treat. 

Each box contains 6 cakes and the best part is that they are all individually wrapped ensuring maximum freshness. Scrummmptious can be found in the cake aisle exclusively in Tesco. For more information check out www.scrummmptiouscakes.co.uk

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